My name is Terry Trapp. I'm 38 years old and live in Nashville, Tn. with my wife Holli. I have not updated this webpage in about 3 years and figured it was about time to ;)

Here are of some of my hobbies

  • Linux - I started using Linux about 10 years ago and have grown to love the Unix environment. The first REAL operating system I used was called OS-9, it was Unix-like so I was comfortable with Linux from the start. The really cool thing about Linux is that almost everything is documented. You have the ability to configure it endlessly.

    Did I mention that it is free? It is free as in free beer and free speech. It is covered under the GNU Public License. That means that the source code must be made available with its distribution. You can modify that code and re-distributed it to others. Distribution cannot be restricted by another more restrictive license. Basically, you have total freedom to do with the code what you will, so long as you make your source code available. You can even sell it.

  • Programming - One of the main reasons I got into Linux was the fact that their were free development tools for programming. I have learned to hack a few scripting languages such as Perl and PHP. I also have written programs in ASP, VBscript and Visual Basic. I have also been doing a lot of work with the MySQL database. I have found that database programming to be really fun.
  • Hand Guns - I got my first hand gun in the spring of '99. I really enjoy the challenge that target shooting gives me. The only person I have to compete with is myself. My weapon of choice is the Ruger P-95d. It is a semi-automatic, double-action model that fires 9MM ammo. I am fairly accurate up to 20 yards, about a 7 inch grouping. If you too are a geek, you may want to check out ESR's Geeks with guns webpage.
  • Boating - I have really gotten into boating too. I have a little 16ft ski-boat called a "Dixie Devil". Its a late '70s model painted gold metal-flake on green and it sports a 115Hp Chrysler Outboard. My goal next spring is to learn how to wakeboard. When the weather is warm, you can find me on Percy Preist Lake weekends.
  • Ham Radio - I have been an amateur radio operator since 1994. My call sign is KE4PJW and I hold an Extra class ticket. I monitor a local UHF repeater 443.450+ 107.2 You may see my car on APRS.
    Here is a link to the mp3 file that has helped me learn morse code.

    I have also been working on a Wireless LAN Database

  • High Altitude Amateur Radio Ballooning - Recently I have been involved in sending various contraptions to the edge of space using weather balloons. You can read all about those adventures Here
  • My Macintosh PowerBook "WallStreet" - Not much here yet.